Print and Apply Evolved

Evolabel™ develops, manufactures, and supplies innovative and intuitive print and apply machines for automatic labeling in production or warehousing.

We call it Simplicity through technology™.

1. Item/ Product

Learn about our fast and precise Print and Apply systems for labeling any side of your product. Whether you need variable weight information on food products or three labels per second on your timber we can provide a solution.

Our global network of partners will help you provide a solution that fits your requirements.

2. Case/ Bag

We print and apply on a broad variety of outer case packaging with large or small labels.

Do you, for example, want to apply a 150x100 mm / 6"x4" label from a long distance without any moving parts? Or maybe a 100x50 mm / 4"x2" label on both front and top with a capacity above 30 boxes/min?

Curious to see how your beverage trays can be labeled at 100 packs per minute?

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3. Pallet Labeling

Interested in a safe, compact, and easy to use pallet labeling system? See how you can label three sides of your pallets and learn how you can apply labels on two sides of up to five pallets per minute while also check scanning all barcodes.

  • Safe

  • Flexible - labels three sides - Can apply label in portrait (default) and/or landscape mode.

  • Small and fast

  • User-friendly

  • No safety guarding needed

  • Accessible


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A New, State-of-the-Art Salomon factory Takes Shape

At Marøya, 300 kilometers from the Arctic Circle on the Norwegian coast, the final touches are being made at a new state-of-the-art salmon factory under the auspices of the renown Norwegian salmon producer SinkabergHansen. Test production is underway. The factory will go live this summer.

Evolabel's partner CodeIT has been involved in the planning of the facility since the beginning and is responsible for many important aspects of its advanced infrastructure.

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Evolabel Gazelle Export winner Sweden 2019!

photo credit: Photo credit: Pax Engström

The criterias is except being a DI Gazelle are following:

  • Net revenue exceeding 10 million SEK according to the latest financial statement.

  • A minimum of ten employees, according to the latest financial statement.

  • At least double their revenue, comparing the first and latest fiscal year in a period of four years.

  • Increased their revenue each year the past three years.

  • Positive total operating profit of the four latest fiscal years.

  • Substantially organic growth, not through acquisitions or mergers.

  • Sound finance.


"This year’s winner has by innovative and intuitive technical solutions succeeded to streamline and automate their customers logistic flows.

A global focus has created an impressive international growth with good profitability and strong conditions for a continued bright future”.

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