DHL/ Matthews Australasia

DHL Australia is an Australian leader in the logistics industry, specializing in shipping, courier services and transportation. At their Sydney distribution center they process over 3000 cartons a day, meaning they need a machine that can continuously and reliably keep up with demand. When they approached Matthews, they asked for a technology that would run with minimal down-time, produce clear and high quality labels on every carton and was easy for their staff to work around; we suggested an Evolabel Label Printer Applicator. Thanks to the Matthews solutions they are now printing and applying high quality, easy to read labels onto every carton with minimal down-time being incurred helping them to efficiently and effectively get products to their customers.

Evolabel products are here represented by Matthews Australasia who is the Australian leader in intelligent product identification, inspection and software traceability solutions.

Their key areas are Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand however they have done projects as far as South Africa

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Watch the DHL testimonial below where Matthews Australisa use Evolabel Print and Apply in their solution.

The eTamp is one of Evolabel's efficient tamp solutions.

A Rigid but light aluminum profile allow various version stroke lengths, from 150 mm up to 850 mm, yet with a perfectly maintained label precision.

Use the graphic user interface of the printer to choose the exact stroke length, which can be set to change automatically when changing from one type of product to another.

The fact that the eTamp is stepper motor driven instead of pneumatic, reduce weight and increase flexibility and safety.

It also makes the eTamp a very safe tamp applicator - put your hand in the way of the applicator and it automatically turns back to its home position!