Kronfågel's state of the art poultry plant in Valla Sweden, annually processes 41 million chickens. When it was time to modernize the weight price labeling systems, Kronfågel selected Teltek dynamic scales and Evolabel marking stations. Today Kronfågel has more than ten of their production lines equipped with Teltek dynamic scales and Evolabel D43 printers. Each line is equipped with both D43 Tamp for top labeling and D43 Belt for bottom labeling. Additional D43 Tamp applicators are used on several production lines to apply the small label unique for each poultry farmer.

Terho Kellokumpu, process and IT manager at Kronfågel in Valla, appreciate Evolabel's new way of thinking about print and apply. "The Linux based PC platform in the Evolabel printers have given us unique possibilities to solve our marking needs, including statistical reports and networked/standalone database handling. The system is also very easy to use and has proven to work very stable in our tough environment."

"The Evolabel printers are easy to use, both when it comes to the menu system, changing label rolls and replacing print head" explains Aram Sabir, production team leader. "The system is very stable and we noticed that the life time of the print heads is much longer on the Evolabel systems than it was on our previous systems", Aram continues.

Teltek AB is successfully representing Evolabel in the weighing-marking sector in Sweden.