Software/ Connectivity

Note: To access full documentation, please contact to request username and password. 

Stand alone 

Evolabel onboard editor and product list allow you to run the system totally stand alone. 

VNC server

Connect to the Evolabel printer on your LAN from your PC with a VNC client.

Link to free VNC software (RealVNC)

To find the printers IP address you can download the Evolabel Printer Browser 


The JSON-RPC API utilizes the Evolabel G2 software features to its full extent.

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XML support 

Populate layouts in the Evolabel printer with data from your ERP system by utilizing the Evolabel XML support.

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ZPL emulation 

Provides a way to leverage legacy layouts created for Zebra printers.

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Add additional printers to get full redundancy and/or to double or triple the capacity, without changing your own software system.

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Windows driver 

Download the free NiceLabel Evolabel - Windows printer driver, and you can print from a Windows application (such as NiceLabel Designer Pro). 

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External sequence control

When enabled, allows the applicator sequences to be controlled from an external system, either by JSON-RPC or Digital I/O.

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Evolabel printers provide a Modbus TCP interface which can be accessed on the standard Modbus TCP port 502.

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Please note that NiceLabel, Zebra and ZPL are trademarks of their respective owners.

Virtual Printer

We offer a Virtual Printer for Mac, Windows and Linux, so developers can test their systems without the need of physical hardware. 

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