Essity International Distribution Centre in Lilla Edet, Sweden handles about 3000 pallets of tissue paper per day. Incoming pallets are labeled on two sides with GS1 pallet labels and outgoing pallets are labeled with a shipping label. When it was time to replace the old pallet labelers with new ones, Essity took the opportunity to change to the Evolabel FlexWipe - a totally safe solution, where both dangerous trap points and crushing hazards have been eliminated.

The fact that the system is safe for anyone who interacts with the machine was a key point for Pelle Thiesen, Technical Manager Logistics, when choosing new pallet labelers. "User safety is our priority and Evolabel meets our tough demands" explains Pelle.

Giving input to the Evolabel team during the development phase of the FlexWipe system was a win-win situation - "I got five perfectly safe pallet labelers in our plant and the responsive Evolabel team has developed a unique product that will suit many other customers who value safety and ease of use" continues Pelle.

Karl-Gunnar Samuelsson has worked at Essity/SCA for nearly 30 years and has been with the maintenance team for the last 12 years. He appreciates the tool-free maintenance of the Evolabel FlexWipe system. "The systems are very easy to handle and very intuitive. I like the clean design and the fact that no tools are required for changing a print head or print roller" says Karl-Gunnar while changing label and ribbon rollers on one of the FlexWipe systems.

"Since we do not need any safety guards around the system, they are easy to access. This and the clean design makes changing labels and ribbons easy for anyone" ends Karl-Gunnar.