A Giant Leap for Pallet Labeling

Two Models

Economical Single Side labeling

Feature-rich Multi Side labeling (Patent Pending)

Single Side Labeling

Economical one-side labeling


Multi Side, FlexWipe™ 

Feature-rich front, side and back labeling 

Options : 

Multi Side, FlexWipe with
optional Motorized Stand XL




Safety in Focus 

Minimizes hand pinch points

The units automatically stop if an obstacle gets in the way. The Multi Side, FlexWipe continuously monitors applicator movement with pulse encoders inside the controlling stepper motors. If movement is unusual, the unit stops automatically and the system gives an alarm. 

Handles whole body pinch points

Injuries  can happen if  a person gets trapped between a heavy moving pallet and a stationary labeler or rigid label applicator. If a person does get between the labeler and pallet, the Multi Side, FlexWipe arm retracts and and the pivotable mount allows the whole unit to swing out of harms way. 

Safety demonstration

Flexible, Fast and Compact

The patented design of the Multi Side, FlexWipe applicator turns 360º in any direction. The outer movement is controlled independently from the inner movement providing labeling in  4 positions.  This flexible movement is fast, due to  the design of 2 rotational movements/joints driven by stepper motors. The whole unit, including stand, takes up less than 1 ㎡ of floor space.

Adjacent side labeling

Uneven surface

Labeling on Rough or Cold Surfaces

Pallet surfaces are commonly uneven, rough or cold. After the label is tamped on the pallet, the FlexWipe applicator uses brushes to “wipe” carefully over the label, pressing the label into the surface. Labels stick even under the  poorest adherence conditions.

Operation Down to -28ºC  with the Multi side, FlexWipe

The robust design of all standard Evolabel printers delivers exceptional performance even in frozen food settings down to -28ºC. The FlexWipeapplicator also functions without stop in these cold conditions.  

Automatic Portrait or Landscape Mode

Choose portrait and/or landscape format during label design and let the Multi Side, FlexWipe do the rest.  No need to change label apply mechanisms as required by most other labelers.  In the FlexWipe, format changes does not slow  the labeling speed; the  dynamics of the  pressurized air -motor controlled, rotational joint, holding the applicator pad keeps the labeling process moving.

Incomplete Pallet Detection

The Multiside, FlexWipe™ automatically labels the infamous last, incomplete pallet from a production run.  Finally, 100% automation is achieved in pallet labeling! Monitoring the pallets surface with a special sensor, the FlexWipe™ moves down to a suitable labeling surface and only then, applies the label.

Partial pallet sensor

Dependable Code Validation

The ingenious integration of the code-reading camera combined with the controlled movement of the  applicator arm, ensures that 1 or 2D codes are read correctly. This eliminates operational downtime from false negative readings.  Red and green lights tell operators the result of the read.