T43 Thermal Transfer Printer

Ribbon as well as label roll is fast and easy to replace. 

Cleaning the print head is also quick and easy - the print head opens widely and the applicator is automatically folded away. 

The print head is easy to remove without tools from its magnetic holder and the power is automatically disconnected – no need to turn off the machine. Keeping the print head clean makes it live much longer which saves money. 

No adjustments 

The solid aluminum chassis is machined as one piece for perfect alignment of label and transfer rollers, print head etc. This eliminates the need for any mechanical adjustments and secure high quality printing over time. 

Thermal transfer applications 

The thermal transfer technology is commonly used in applications where the labeled product has long life time, is stored long time or exposed to tough handling. Examples are pharmaceutical applications, car industry and other non-food production. With the Evolabel T43 you are secured an excellent readability of the barcodes also after long storage.