Tamp Applicator

 Labeling with millimeter precision from side or top. Fast pneumatic tamp up to 120 labels / minute. 

For very precise label positioning the Evolabel Tamp Applicator does the job, from above or from the side. Label size can be as small as 30x20 mm up to 118x200 for the 4” printer and up to 178x200 for the 6" printer. 

With several independent and integrated vacuum ejectors, the patented applicator plate allow different size labels, gives safe label apply and minimized air consumption. Its low weight makes it fast – up to 120 labels per minute. 

Modular Concept

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Evolabel applicators and printers are all the same plug-and-play standard. Weather you have several different models installed or you are a system integrator, this reduce your stock and increase your flexibility.

Poultry - Lantmännen Kronfågel

In their state of the art poultry plant in Valla, Sweden, Kronfågel has selected weigh price labeling systems from Teltek AB and with that more than 20 print and apply systems from Evolabel. The systems include both D43 tamp for top labeling, D43 belt for bottom labeling as well as T63 tamp for box labeling. 

Evolabel tamp and belt applicator in poultry application