Belt Applicator

Fast, flexible and precise applicator for top or bottom labeling.

Evolabel Belt applicator applies labels with high speed and precision on the base or on top of packages.

A vacuum belt transports the label from the printer to the product. Running the belt at the same speed as the conveyor gives very accurate label positioning also on extremely light products.

The same applicator can handle various label sizes from 30x30 mm to 118x150 mm.

Fast and precise base
pack labeling

The Evolabel belt applicator in combination with the D43 printer is with its compact size and accurate labeling, perfect for product labeling from below.

Depending on label size, the capacity is as high as up to 120 packages per minute.

Sliced cheese - Arla Foods

Evolabels fully automated marking system at Arla Foods in Sweden is labeling packs of sliced cheese both on top and bottom. The two parallel lines has a total capacity of 180 packages per minute.

The system is equipped with totally eight D43 belt, allowing full production also when changing labels.

Evolabel Belt Applicator Video