We know that our customers want the best and we do our best to give them what they want. Evolabel customers are large food producers and other manufacturers with very high demands on ease of use and availability. We mainly work through partners who often are system integrators.

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Case stories


The market leading company in the snacks segment in Scandinavia, faced blockage in their production lines. Thanks to our FlexWipe™ Motorized Stand XL it became possible to double-stack the pallets and therefore increase the capacity. Estrella went from 100 pallets per hour to 200 pallets per hour. With the help of Evolabel's solutions there are now no limitations in maximizing the production.

"We now have the fundaments for an effective and problem-free production."
- Kenneth Ådefjäll, Process Lead PPP, Estrella

Essity (Earlier SCA Hygiene Products)

When it was time to replace the old pallet labelers with new ones, Essity International Distribution Centre in Lilla Edet, Sweden, took the opportunity to change to the Evolabel FlexWipe™ - a totally safe solution, where both dangerous trap points and crushing hazards have been eliminated.

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L'Oréal Canada

When implementing a new box-labeling standard, L'Oréal Canada focused heavily on safety and reliability. After a rigid evaluation of possible print and apply solutions in the market, L'Oréal Canada selected the Evolabel T63 BlowVAC print and apply system.

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Arla Foods

Arla Foods in Götene is the largest plant for cheese packaging in Sweden. Here more than 30000 tons of cheese is refined annually. A majority of this cheese is labeled in fully automated marking stations from Evolabel.

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Kronfågels modern poultry plant in Valla, Sweden process annually 41 million chickens. When it was time to modernize the weight price labelling systems, Kronfågel selected Teltek dynamic scales and Evolabel marking stations.

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Lantmännen Cerealia

At Lantmännen Cerealia's plant in Laholm Sweden, 400000 delicious pancakes are made per day, for distribution all over the world. With a large range of products, different size boxes and customized labels, Cerealia in Laholm faced a large logistic relief when moving away from pre-printed labels to Evolabel print and apply solution.

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