Co-Op - There's no limit, no no

It is time to properly introduce you to Co-Op, an innovative software concept that allows a group of printers to communicate and work together for increased capacity and/or redundancy.

The technology adapts to the host control system and not the other way around. It allows the customer to optimize their production with the least possible interference to their current solution.

There's no limit! It allows for a new way and unlocks potential to your labeling system.

Are you ready to unlock your potential? Do you want to know more?

Feel free to contact us and we'll gladly tell you more.

PackExpo International, Chicago Oct 23-26 2022

Meet us at PackExpo in Chicago on October 22-26th, Booth 6065, North Building.
Take a look on our innovative print and apply solutions such as our revolutionary FlexWipe pallet labeling system that is user friendly, safe, compact, fast and cost effective.

And for the first time we will exhibit Evolabel's Motorized Stand XL - that makes it possible to label pallets on different heights!

We have some other exiting launches in store, so make sure to visit us!

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2021-12-20: Log4j/Log4Shell Announcement

Our investigation has not found that any Evolabel devices or services are affected by this security vulnerability. Technical details about the vulnerability can be found here.

A New, State-of-the-Art Salomon Factory Takes Shape

At Marøya, 300 kilometers from the Arctic Circle on the Norwegian coast, the final touches are being made at a new state-of-the-art salmon factory under the auspices of the renown Norwegian salmon producer SinkabergHansen. Test production is underway. The factory will go live this summer.

Evolabel's partner CodeIT has been involved in the planning of the facility since the beginning and is responsible for many important aspects of its advanced infrastructure.

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Evolabel is Di Gasell Export winner Sweden 2019!

Photo credit: Pax Engström


"This year’s winner has by innovative and intuitive technical solutions succeeded to streamline and automate their customers logistic flows.

A global focus has created an impressive international growth with good profitability and strong conditions for a continued bright future ”.

We have already announced that Evolabel has been awarded for the third time as a Di Gasell Company. In addition, Evolabel was the winner of the prestigious price: Di Gasell Export Company Sweden 2019!

The criterias except being a Di Gasell are following:

  • Net revenue exceeding 10 million SEK according to the latest financial statement.

  • A minimum of ten employees, according to the latest financial statement.

  • At least double their revenue, comparing the first and latest fiscal year in a period of four years.

  • Increased their revenue each year the past three years.

  • Positive total operating profit of the four latest fiscal years.

  • Substantially organic growth, not through acquisitions or mergers.

  • Sound finance.

Evolabel Di Gasell company 2019

In 2016 and 2018 we were awarded Gasell company status by the financial publication Dagens Industri. This year we have been awarded for the third time!

The Swedish business newspaper Dagens industri appoints the Di Gasell companies in Sweden. The criteria are tough and less than 0,5 of the limited companies in Sweden are appointed.

A "Di Gasell" is a high-growth company who has grown organically at least 100% over the last 4 years and has a turn over of minimum 10 MSEK (appr. 1M€). It should have increased its turn over each year during the last three years and shown a positive result as a total over the period. Additionally a Di Gasell has minimum 10 employees and a sound economy.

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PackExpo Las Vegas

Meet us at PackExpo in Las Vegas on September 23th to 25th. Take a look on our innovative print apply solutions such as our revolutionary FlexWipe pallet labeling system that is totally safe,

user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective. And for the first time, Evolabel's Motorized Stand XL that makes it possible to label pallets on different heights!

Additionally, we are demonstrating product labeling from top to bottom!

Welcome to visit us at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas

23-25 September, 2019, Booth US-8464

Register for free with Evolabel Comp Code 79U86

PACK EXPO Registration

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Evolabel Global Technical Training

Evolabel technical training in May is bringing four of Evolabel's great partners together for three days in Göteborg, Sweden. The attendees are well spread around the globe; from Mexico and Brazil to Poland and South Africa. Evolabel is continually training its partners to ensure that each one has relevant knowledge to serve our customers in the best way.

Well spread partners on the Evolabel training in May - just about possible to fit on one side of the globe..

Standing from left: Moses & Johan (J-Pak, South Africa), Jonas (Evolabel), Grzegorz (Exim Coding, Poland), Hamilton & Ricardo (Powercoding, Brazil), Pablo, Raúl & Héctor (Printsome, Mexico). In front from left: Jeanette and Henrik (Evolabel).

posted May 27, 2019, 2:05 PM by Martin Dijkstra [ updated Jun 15, 2019, 10:45 PM by Henrik Bohre ]

The winners in the Evolabel application video competition

After a month of intensive filming in the field for the Evolabel Application Video Competition, the time has come to announce the 3 winners! The total contribution was more than 120 individual video clips from 9 contributing partners, Matthews Australasia in Australia, Taechu Company in South Korea, Matthews Marking Systems in Sweden and Germany, DPI Coding in Finland, Industrial Labelling Systems in UK, BA-Coding in Switzerland, Vande Berg Scales in Iowa USA and Inopak in Virginia USA.

Thank you all for your great contribution!

The jury has after some tough decisions decided on the 3 winners. We proudly present:

Matthews Australasia winning contribution shows a dual side print apply application with two D43 Tamp systems installed at customer Chobani. High speed application filmed by a professional filmmaker in several good angles makes this a winning video.

Matthews Marking System in Sweden footage by Lars Ahlqvist is another high speed Evolabel application. The tough wood industry require compact and rigid solutions, which anyone understand after watching this winner. Link to video

Taechu Company's winning contribution filmed by IW Kim, shows one of the recently installed QuickTamp systems in a logistic center in South Korea.

posted Mar 7, 2019, 5:31 PM by Martin Dijkstra [ updated Mar 26, 2019, 9:32 AM ]

Continued proud sponsor for Team Rynkeby 2019

Evolabel exists because we feel it is fun and meaningful to shed light upon the Print&Apply business. In return we get happy partners and end customers all over the world who appreciate our simplistic and innovative technical solutions.

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After months paring down the many qualified entries, three days of onsite voting allowed PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO attendees to be the ultimate judge of the most innovative new technologies at the show, dubbing these seven exhibitors as the winners within their respective categories.

“No other packaging event in the world this year matches the size and scope of the combined PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, making these winners truly the best in their respective classes,” says Laura Thompson, senior director of expositions, PMMI. “We look forward to the Technology Excellence Awards becoming a staple of our PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows, showcasing cutting edge innovation for our attendees.”

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