eTamp Applicator technical specifications

Evolabel eTamp applicator, applies labels from the side or from the top of various size cases or pallets when they stand still.

5 models with different maximum apply distance are available; 150 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm, 650 mm and 850 mm. The apply distance can be linked to the product article data base stored in the printer, eliminating any adjustments on the print & apply unit for the operator when changing from one product size to another.

The label size can be all the way from 30x20 mm up to 118x240 for the D43 and T43 and from 80x80 mm up to 178x240 mm for the T63 printer model.

With several independent and integrated vacuum ejectors, the patented applicator plate allow different size labels, gives safe and accurate label apply and minimized air consumption. The capacity depends on label length and stroke length.

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interface between the Evolabel applicators and printers are all the same plug-and-play standard.

Suitable printer models: D43, T43, T63

Minimum label size (WxL): D43, T43: 30x20 mm, T63: 80x80 mm

Maximum label size (WxL): D43, T43: 118x240 mm, T63: 178x240 mm

Apply speed: 800 mm/s

Air supply: 6 bar, clean and dry

Communication: EXT1

Maximum apply distance:

4 models;

eTamp G2 150: 120 mm

eTamp G2 300: 270 mm

eTamp G2 500: 470 mm

eTamp G2 650: 620 mm

eTamp G2 850: 820 mm