Case/bag - Speed Combined with Features

E-commerce & Logistics

  • Variable height cartons on the same line? The QuickTamp automatically adjusts to each one.

  • Operator safety assured with QuickTamps unique "Tactile" apply, encoder-controlled stepper motor.

Frozen Goods

  • Unmatched performance down to -27ºC / -80ºF without extra bulky heated cabinets.

  • Dependable label adhesion due to Wipe applicator's feedback-controlled stepper motors.

Food & Beverage

  • The Tamp applicator provides high speed labeling on top or side. The Wipe/Wipe90 applicators give front, back, corner wrap, 2 adjacent sides and uneven shrink-wrap labeling .

  • No labeling down time; if labels run low on one labeler, the other takes over automatically.

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

  • Ultra-safe with the Blow-vac applicator - no moving parts.

  • Precise label accuracy at high-speeds on one or two faces with the Wipe /Wipe90 applicators.

Other Case/Bags

  • The Wipe applicator securely print & applies various sized labels on filled or empty bags of different shape, material and sizes.

  • Exceptional performance in wet and cold environments with Tamp and Wipe applicator.

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