eTamp Applicator
The Evolabel eTamp is the latest generation tamp applicator. Rigid but light aluminum profile allow various version stroke lengths, from 150 mm up to 850 mm, yet with a perfectly maintained label precision. The fact that the eTamp is stepper motor driven instead of pneumatic, also reduce weight and increase flexibility and safety. The exact stroke length is simply set from the graphic user interface of the printer and can change automatically when changing from one type of product to another. The stepper motor driven solution makes the eTamp a very safe tamp applicator - put your hand in front of the applicator and it automatically turns back to its home position.
Long stroke, yet all safe 
The long stroke length in combination with exact stepper motor control, makes the Evolabel eTamp suitable not only for side and top labeling on various size boxes, but also labeling pallets. When a pallet is positioned on a turn table, the long reach of the eTamp allow labeling any or multiple sides of the pallet.

Medical - Fresenius Kabi
At Fresenius Kabi in Halden, Norway, the Evolabel eTamp is used both for side+end labeling (picture above right) and also for applying small traceability labels on the front of boxes. CodeIT AS is successfully representing Evolabel in Norway.