After a month of intensive filming in the field for the Evolabel Application Video Competition, the time has come to announce the 3 winners! The total contribution was more than 120 individual video clips from 9 contributing partners, Matthews Australasia in Australia, Taechu Company in South Korea, Matthews Marking Systems in Sweden and Germany, DPI Coding in Finland, Industrial Labelling Systems in UK, BA-Coding in Switzerland, Vande Berg Scales in Iowa USA and Inopak in Virginia USA. Thank you all for your great contribution! 

The jury has after some tough decisions decided on the 3 winners. We proudly present:

Matthews Australasia winning contribution shows a dual side print apply application with two D43 Tamp systems installed at customer Chobani. High speed application filmed by a professional filmmaker in several good angles makes this a winning video. Link to video

Matthews Marking System in Sweden footage by Lars Ahlqvist is another high speed Evolabel application. The tough wood industry require compact and rigid solutions, which anyone understand after watching this winner. Link to video

Taechu Company's winning contribution filmed by IW Kim, shows one of the recently installed QuickTamp systems at EBAY logistic center in South Korea. This video shows the future of logistic center labeling and makes it a winner. Link to video