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Big catch for Evolabel and CodeIT

posted Oct 18, 2013, 1:36 AM by Martin Dijkstra   [ updated Jun 16, 2015, 7:51 AM ]
Marine Harvest signs big contract with Evolabel's Norweigan partner, CodeIT AS, for the labeling and tracking of fish boxes. The contract include the supply of CodeIT Enterprise software together with a large number of Evolabel print & apply systems. 

Read the full press release from CodeIT AS:

'This is a long term investment for us and is part of our growth strategy,' says Arnt Mjøen, IT Manager at Marine Harvest Norway. 'We chose CodeIT because they showed a great capacity for finding innovative solutions, which will provide us with a competitive advantage, and they were also the best offer in terms of flexibility, user friendliness, and consistent use of open standards in all critical areas such as automation, tracking, and systems integration.'


The contract includes the supply of the CodeIT Enterprise software package, featuring systems integration that links the company's production, tracking, and order data. This is a configurable solution developed by industry professionals with expertise in industrial integration and tracking, process automation, and flow of goods.


'The provision to Marine Harvest is one of the largest contracts ever within the fields of industrial labelling, coding, and data collection in the Norwegian food industry,' says CEO of CodeIT AS, Bjørnar Torsnes, 'and it is a great example of the superior functionality of the CodeIT Enterprise software package.'

Marine Harvest Norway ASA
is the largest producer of salmon in Norway. The group delivers around 200 000 tonnes each year from plants, ranging from Flekkefjord in the south to Sørfold north of Bodø. Most of the salmon is exported to Europe, USA and Asia.
The company covers the entire value chain from brood stock, smolt, fish farming and processing, to distribution and sales. The Company's operations are divided into four geographic regions, plus a separate region for freshwater activities.